Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The living room continued

So we left off yesterday with my TV space looking like this:

The new art actually came from the hallway. It looked very lovely up there but I had bigger plans!!

Two years ago I was walking down Queen St and I saw this beautiful poster in a store window of 'the neighbourhoods of Toronto'. I just loved it, but I moved on because it wasn't a cheap store and I didn't really have a place to put it. I thought about it from time to time and decided if I ever saw it again I would get it and damn it- I would make it work!

So in January of this year my friend and I went to the Toronto Interior Design show. We didn't like the show overall (not much inspiration to us, just overpriced appliances and fixtures) but lo and behold- this one stand was SELLING MY POSTER! It was $35 for the poster or $100 for a framed poster. I am cheap, so I bought the straight up poster in white, figuring I could find a frame at Ikea.

But fate worked against me and the poster was 24" x 30", which turned out to be an unusual shape that Ikea didn't carry. So the poster sat in the condo for months while I tried to track down a frame for a reasonable price. Then this weekend my friend Lisa and I went to an art store (which I forgot the name of- I suck) on the Danforth and I found a frame! for $35! That's a $30 savings! Yaaaaay!

So I framed my new poster and hung it up in it's new prominent spot over the TV (where I can stare at it from my table, couch, and bed). Oh ya.


It makes me so happy!!

If you like this poster, I found it online at Ork Posters. It is actually cheaper online (damn them) but with shipping it is a little more comparable so I don't feel ripped off in the end.

Hanging it was very easy. The previous owner hung the red shelf thing nice and level and used a giant pencil line across the wall to make sure he was level. Haha, it is hard to see but it allows me to have a nice level guide when hanging things. I just measured between the two hangers on the back of the frame and stuck my nails in about two inches above my guide line, with the proper distance between them. Then I just hung her on!

Oh ya baby

So that is my new art! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)

PS- it looks a big undersized in these photos, but it is really large and a good size for the space in person.


  1. Umm...what are you doing with those two in the first picture?

  2. My Kind Of Town.......!!!

    Check Out This Poster Making Site.......I Made A Poster Of My Sons First Painting And Everyone Loves It.



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