Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 Christmas Chalkboard!

I got the last of my Christmas decorating done this weekend! Just in time, because decorating any later than this is just unacceptable in my mind :)

First of all- I watched the Rockerfeller Christmas Tree Lighting in New York on Saturday night and I wrapped up all the gifts I had bought so far and put them under the tree! I just LOVE wrapping gifts (probably because I don't buy a lot of gifts so it isn't overwhelming). For years I was really against traditional Christmas wrapping paper, but these past couple years I have definitely been feeling it. This year I went all out with red and green and it sure does look festive under the tree.

Also, my family totally makes fun of my excessive ribbon use. I am fairly certain if I showed up with Pinterest-style presents wrapped in hand-stamped kraft paper with tags I got off etsy they would probably laugh their pants off. So I stick to dollar store ribbons, bows, and tags :). The paper was bought from Hallmark- I love their paper! The stripes one and dots one are actually a reversible roll. Two for one!

Then on Sunday morning I finally got to work making over my chalkboard wall. I actually only update this thing every couple of months and it still had a giant ghost on it from Halloween. Yikes!

Now it is all festive for the season!!! I got the idea for the sleigh from some Google image searches, but I free-styled my Santa, which probably explains how he must be kneeling to fit in that sleigh. Or perhaps Santa has really short calves (I am going to go with that one). Either way I liked how he turned out and he is much more in line with the season than a ghost drinking a martini! Well, unless there is some remake of A Christmas Carol out there with drunk ghosts.
PS- Last year I drew a holiday-themed fireplace on here.

Finally on Saturday afternoon I headed over to Mom's house to help decorate her tree! They buy a real tree so it usually doesn't go up until early December. I must say the tree they got this year is one of the best yet- very full and a great shape! They had a fire roaring and we had a great time decorating. I still hang all my "baby's first Christmas" decorations front and centre and I even manage to sneak on a few of the hilariously bad decorations I made as a kid :) The tree just wouldn't be complete without them!

Are you done with your Christmas decorating yet? How about shopping? I just need one good trip to Walmart/Toys R Us and I think I will be pretty much done!

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