Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Organizing a Laundry Closet

I am lucky enough to have laundry in my unit, but as any condo-dweller knows, it is just a stackable washer/dryer in the closet and it is very hard to properly store all the laundry detergents, dryer sheets, stain remover, etc. Here is what I have going on in there now:

I have a folding clothes rack that tucks into the right, and a couple of laundry bags for delicates on a hook on the right wall. However I have to keep the detergent, stain remover, and my dryer sheets on top of the washer, which makes it difficult to open and close the washer. I had no wish to move this stuff to another space, because I like it all where I need it! Therefore I needed to figure out a storage solution!

Enter Ikea. What else would I do?

I picked up a Bygel wire basket and used some pieces of my Pluggis set that I got for the bathroom in order to add more storage!

First I used my stud finder because I only had screws fit for drywall/wood and I didn't have plugs so I wanted to get it into a stud. Don't judge me- its at least 30 minutes on the TTC to get to the hardware store and I don't have an hour and a half to buy screws. Ain't happening.

Luckily there was a stud within reach!

Then I made sure my basket was lined up properly and level and marked it off. I found out it fits so tightly beside the dryer that I didn't even have to hold it in place to mark. Hurrah!

Then I put a few screws in to hold it in place. The two in the front are into the stud, and I added one in near the back just to make sure it stayed in place. It's not exactly pretty, but your hand can only fit in so far and the detergent will cover it all anyway. It is hard to see from this angle, but the back screw is at the edge of the dryer so that is as deep as I can reach.

Next, I wanted to use the two small Pluggis containers above this, but they were designed to share only one bracket. Weird, right?

So I just snapped it in half. That it how I roll, baby!

I just screwed it tightly into the wall. Nothing going in here is heavy so one good screw into the stud should hold just fine.

Now for my big reveal!!

Ah! I am so happy with it! The stain remover and the dryer sheets fit perfectly in the small containers! I didn't use the same product for the detergent because they are narrow and detergent bottles are fat. However, for being in a closet it is still a huge upgrade from where I was! They are no where near the door to the dryer and are recessed from the closet door, so they are now completely out of the way!

All I need to do now is find a laundry fairy to wash and fold and my life will be complete!


  1. What an organize place you have post here. Just another slew of great ideas! Hope my laundry room at my manila condominiums is like this. :)

  2. TTC - you must live in Toronto too! Thank you for this awesome idea! I have been googling to try and find a solution for my tiny laundry closet in my condo too. I had nowhere to store my detergent! Brilliant 😊 im also adding baskets to the door, and an over-the-door storage rack 😁👍

    1. Yes i am! :) On the back of the closet door I ended up installing a broom holder- every inch in this condo was put to work!

  3. this is very clever! I invite you to share your lovely blog at my Thursday Favorite Things link party hugs

  4. Love your idea.----Perfect for my small apartment with a stackable!


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