Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lake Simcoe in the Bathroom!

Thank you for all your compliments on the bathroom yesterday. The whole time I was planning this I was terrified of picking the wrong colour. See, I have a history of picking terrible colours (for reference, please see my dad's neon green bathroom). I think I just have a bad eye for them or something. When I painted the whole condo grey, I knew I was picking a nice grey because my friend had just done her bedroom in it. But for this bathroom I was on my own!

Thankfully, I simply love it. I get mad photographing it because I cannot capture it's glory with my limited skills. I am happy to say I shot better pictures of it on manual vs auto, so I must be getting better in that department too!

But let's start at the beginning. After I got home from BlogPodium, I only sat down for a little bit before getting to work. I was sick of putting this project off so I wanted to get the whole room prepped and ready for painting on Sunday! First thing I did was empty out the medicine cabinet. Yes, I emptied it months ago in preparation for this moment...and then refilled it. Oy Vey.

Once emptied I got to work taking it down. I was happy to see it was only held up by two screws, so I thought this would be quick and easy. Famous last words.

So ya, screws came out, but the medicine cabinet stayed up! I realized it must have been hung before the paint was properly dry in the bathroom. It was on there GOOD. Thankfully, with a little prying and pounding I was able to budge it. Buuuut it budged the wall right back. Oops.

(FYI- it is so weird seeing the old colour in here)

I sighed at the damage, but it wasn't that bad so I went to grab my spackle to fix it. Aaaaand my spackle had dried up. Oy Vey. But then!!! Magic!!! I opened my BlogPodium swag bag and found....DAP Spackle!!! How lucky was THAT? So I patched er up! I had a few other holes around the room and I spackled and sanded until everything looked good enough to me!

Side note, if you are sanding spackle, it will will get everywhere. Even in your jewellery tray on the countertop.

Oy Vey.

I then went to bed and slept in a bit Sunday morning (hey, Saturday was a busy day! I needed sleep!). Once I was up, I got right to work because I needed to be done by 4pm to join friends for some bowling. First things first, I set up my entertainment station.

I was going to stream Netflix, but it turns out my bathtub had bad wifi (who knew?!), so I ended up watching the Emperor's New Groove, which is one of my favourite movies. It is hilarious! After that ended I just put my itunes on shuffle :)

Then I taped up everything and got ready to go!

After one coat, I started to question my judgement in this colour. Man oh man it was scary! I had bought CIL paint, which is a mid-level paint in terms of quality (it was on sale too!), so I knew I would need a few coats. For the record, I bought their paint and primer in one, in satin in the colour Lake Simcoe. I bought a whole gallon since I knew it would be more than two coats- I used about half and did four coats before I was 100% happy. I could tell right away this paint was better than the paint I used in the condo- that paint still had white spots after two coats- this one covered very well but still was a bit uneven, necessitating the extra coats.

But, I kept at it and soon I was all done! I had a few paint bleeds, and I hit the ceiling about 1000 times, but I think overall I did a decent job! Besides, "spot the paint on the ceiling" is a good activity for guests, right?

However, Monday night I did go in with a little white craft paint to sneakily cover up some spots and I fixed up the area around the sink where the paint peeled right off with the tape thanks to the non-paintable caulk around the sink. SIGH. And then I recaulked to make it look better and it looks like a 5 year old did it. SIGH. But, once I loaded all my stuff on the countertop it was 76% less noticeable, so I will probably live with it for awhile before I feel like pulling out all the caulking, touching up the paint, and recaulking.

Next up- art, new medicine cabinet, and new shelves!



I just put in that last photo so you can see how low the ceiling is! This bathroom is teeeeeny


  1. Love the new look! Now about that nuclear green....


  2. ^^^ haha

    Love the new color! Can't wait until you get some artwork hung up!

  3. I love it! I can't wait to see what type of art you put up in here =)

    Good job!


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