Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It is exactly one month until Christmas, which means it is totally appropriate to finally drag the tree out of the storage locker, right? Right. Because that is what I did! It wasn't easy either, because my locker was a bit of a frightening mess and the Christmas stuff was at the back. However, I managed to get everything up in one shot by breaking out my dolly!

I seriously love this dolly. It as converts to a regular upright. I don't remember why I wanted a dolly, but it has become one of those items that I don't think I could live without! I actually use it quite a bit!

Anywho, I got to work and finally got my beautiful tree up! It is the same Mardi Gras/Peacock theme that I did last year. I did add a few new decorations that I picked up in after Christmas sales for a song and some that I received as gifts from my family. I also want to complain that I struggled to find the right colour/theme decorations last year, but this season I see these colours and peacockyiness all over! Go figure.

I also switched up the mantle to add in my advent tree and a couple small decorations. I somehow lost my Christmas Countdown clock. Hmm...

Finally, I picked up some really fun and bright ornaments from Shopper's in their after-Christmas sales last year. They didn't match my tree-theme, but I had had my eye on them all season because they were just so cute!! For fun, I hung them on my palm-tree-thing (seriously, what is this plant??)

I used to not put up decorations since it just me and I don't spend Christmas Day at the condo at all (I head home on Christmas Eve), but it really does help me get in the spirit and I do love the fun of it all. The condo always looks super boring when it all comes down.

How is your decorating going? When do you put up and take down?


  1. Love all the peacock ornaments!! And that snowmies bag - too cute.

    We put up the tree last weekend - I just couldn't wait. But, I need to buy more ornaments....and it's a rough looking tree right now. Ha! When do you take yours down?

    1. I love the Chillin' with my Snowmies bag soooo much. haha. Last year I used it for my brother's gift, but he insisted I take the bag back!

      And usually before new years. I will probably do it the weekend after Christmas

  2. I absolutely love the theme of your tree! It's fun but also looks classy and really put together. Good work!

  3. Love it, I love it!!!! Your tree and your cheap (but not cheap looking!) Shoppers decorations! You are a creative minx.
    We are going adventuring this coming weekend and getting a REAL tree. It will be my first real tree since I was a kid, and I cannot WAIT to start decorating. I totally boycotted Christmas last year (lived on my own, like you mentioned, but felt too lazy to decorate...just was not excited about Christmas), but this year I am going ALL OUT!

    1. There was no way I was lugging a real tree up to my condo! Good luck with yours! I

  4. I love the colours of your tree! The peacock feathers and bright ornaments are fantastic!

  5. I love the ornaments on your palm tree plant! Your place looks so bright and cheery.


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