Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Run, Casey, Run!

Back in May, on my 27th birthday, I ran my first 10K. To some, this feels like a lame accomplishment- lots of people run 10Ks! But for me, this was something huge. I often read blogs of people who run and they are all "back in High School, I was on the cross country team/swim team/soccer team whatever, but I haven't worked out since". And then everyone is always amazing and applauding them for running marathons now. As for me, I NEVER did sports. Well, unless you count soccer as a kid but I kinda sucked and played defense so I didn't really run.

Getting into running for me was tough. I literally started at ground zero. I have never considered myself to be an athletic person. I just thought I needed a challenge in my life and 10K seemed like a good one, since I knew from a couple Terry Fox Runs that I actually had the ability to run 5K (albeit very slowly). So I trained, I ran, and I finished my 10K in just 1 hour. I cannot even describe how exhilarating it was to be out there on that run. There was this indescribable pride in realizing you are fulfilling a goal that you worked so hard to get to.

After my run, I took a couple weeks off running to rest my calves, since I started having some bad pains (which plagued me in the weeks leading up to the run too). Then I started a crazy summer where I was traveling every weekend, never home, and just plain busy! So I really didn't run that much. But now it is fall and my social calendar is much lighter, which gives me more time to focus on running. It sucks that I have to run indoors a lot (I don't feel comfortable running in the dark and basically when I get home it is pitch black...yay winter). I am not looking forward to January when my gym will be full of New Years Resolutioners because we only have 4 treadmills.

And suddenly- there is a half marathon training plan on my fridge. Seriously people- where did that come from?? I have no current plans to run a half, but I am interesting in seeing if I can. It's a 12 week plan by Hal Higdon. If I end up feeling really confident in my running I may look into a half in the spring! And really, I workout more regularly when I have a schedule and with holiday season coming up, it can't hurt to be burning some extra calories.

Funny story- I ran 5km last Sunday and then started my half-marathon training plan on Monday. Monday was "Strength and Stretch" and I did 30 mins of yoga. Tuesday I skipped my run to rest due to a bum hip, Wednesday I accidentally did Thursday's workout. Thursday I skipped, and I did Thursday's workout on Friday. Saturday and Sunday I did as per the schedule. I am apparently terrible at following week ONE of a workout plan. hahaha. But over all I only skipped 1 out of 6 workouts.

I need to reiterate here how I hated exercise/running when I was young. I felt winded, tired, I got cramps...it wasn't fun. But now? Now I feel my whole body in motion. I feel strong. I feel like I am getting better, which spurs me on to go faster and stronger. I actually enjoy my runs! Now I will say I often find the first half of the run HARD. But at some point my body switches over and I feel like I could run miles. My mind turns off and I have all sorts of day dreams (or watch TV in the gym), my body just does the running without me.

So yes, I am running again and it feels great! I don't think running is for everyone, but I think there is some sort of sport for everyone and maybe you just need to try a few (and really try) and you might find something that makes you feel powerful!

And if you are interested in starting up a new fitness routine- here is my Top 15 Country Workout Songs!! And if you hate country, well then that is your loss because country music is awesome. That is all.

1. Luke Bryan- That's My Kind of Night
2. Blake Shelton- Hillbilly Bone
3. Luke Bryan- Country Girl
4. Trace Adkins- Ladies Love Country Boys
5. Daris Rucker- Wagon Wheel
6. Brad Paisley- Old Alabama
7. Jake Owen- Barefoot Blue Jean Night
8. Eric Church- Drink In My Hand
9. The Band Perry- Done
10. Reba McEntire- Fancy
11. Mirand Lambert- Gunpowder and Lead
12. Brad Paisley- Ticks
13. Trace Adkins- Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
14. Kenny Chesney- She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy
15. Reba McEntire- Let The Music Lift You Up 

Please let me know if you have any favourite upbeat country songs! I am always looking to update the ol' playlist!


  1. I'm so proud of you for starting running again! Proud and jealous. My plan is to start back up in the spring since I have to do my running outdoors and I know I won't keep it up over the winter months. And I'm still trying to make sure my ankle is 100% healed.

    I love your country song playlist and I LOVE Luke Bryan's new "That's My Kind of Night" song. Are you planning on attending Boots and Hearts next year?

    1. No I dont think so. Im not a big concert go-er (the ticket prices scare me away!)

    2. Same here. I think it would be fun but I'm totally too cheap to pay for the tickets.

  2. Ohhhh Casey you should totally run the TO Women's Half!!!! It's at the end of May, so the weather should be pretty nice but not too hot yet. And it's in Sunnybrook park! It was my first half marathon and I really loved it. If you sign up for one let me know, and maybe I will do it, too! :D So proud of you! I love this post because your experience running really mirrors my own. I HATED it for so long, and now I love it.

  3. Oh, and, I forgot to mention: you are 100% capable of running a half! I have no doubt about it! It's all a matter of taking your time and working up to it with the training. You can do it for sure!

    1. Lol I was like "Who is this?" but then I figured it out!! How many halfs (halves?) have you run? I love reading your FB posts!

  4. I can so relate. I was never a runner and a couple years ago I tried it. But then stopped again.

    I just recently started working out again. Yesterday I my mind/body made the switch from working out because I should, because it's good for me to working out because I want to and it makes me feel GOOD.

    I feel strong when I'm done with a workout- even though I'm tired, I'm strong and proud.

    I could never really follow training plans, either LOL. I'm more of a 'free spirit" but then again have never really trained for anything, so there's that...

    "And if you hate country, well then that is your loss because country music is awesome"<<< AGREED. I love country. This island girl is a country girl at heart!

    Sorry for the random rambling. I miss catching up with you in your blog space and this post really connected with me =) I hope you have a great day!


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