Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Le Couch

I got a couch!!!! I know- you were all waiting with bated breath for this, but it is finally chosen. I ended up going with a Stylus Sofa. They are only available through dealers, but they seemed to get great reviews for quality and longevity. I ended up buying mine from a great little store in Toronto- Equilibrium Furnishings. They offered two Stylus Sofas with reversible chaises, and neither were in the store to see in person, but they had a couple other models so I could check on comfort and quality.

I was choosing between the Leif model and the Donovan model. The Leif was smaller, cheaper, and came with the third couch cushion so you could eliminate the chaise. The Donovan was larger, more expensive, and no third cushion. However, I decided I wanted the larger couch! So I put a deposit down and in 2 months this baby will be in my home!

I got the same grey as this photo, by the way. I might look into buying different legs later on, as I think I would have preferred something sleeker. However the couch is great! Sucks that I have to wait two months but it is on back order :(.

I have it taped out on the floor right now, so now I can continue to plan my room around it! We are talking art, rugs, all that fun stuff! Let's hope it doesn't take me 8 weeks to pick those out too.


  1. This is the couch I've been looking for! I will have to bookmark this for when we go condo furniture shopping. Do you know if it came in a pull out couch option? Ikea has one like that but it looks cheap compared to this one.

  2. Wonderful!! What do you plan for when you've bought all the furnishings? :-)

  3. Pat, I have no idea! Maybe some rest? haha

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  5. Yahoo! Congrats! You'll love putting your feet up, I'm sure!


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