Thursday, May 30, 2013

Balcony Trimmings

Now, where we last left off with the balcony, the beautiful new floor was laid, but there was a gap between the edge of the floor and the condo. This gap was caused by a one inch sealant (I guess against water getting in, so I can't really complain!). However the gap was uneven and it made the edging of the balcony floor look uneven no matter how many times Dad tried to cut them.

Dad came up with the ingenious idea of laying a piece of trim down to cover the gap and finish off the edge. So while we were at Home Depot picking up the new bathroom countertop, we took a wander down the trim aisle and spent a long time comparing the options. Finally we came home with two 8 foot strips of this odd shaped trim:

I'm not exactly sure what this trim is for, but the grooved back fit perfectly in the gap left by the balcony floor and lay nice and flat!

Dad also came up with the idea to attach it with outdoor velcro so that it could be easily pulled up if I needed to get the floor out for some reason (like if I had to replace a tile). I am all for solutions that don't involve tools! I haven't installed it yet (it is going to just go along the edge of the condo unit, not the railings), because I am still stick on colour.

Should I leave it white, paint it black to match the door trim, or reddish brown to blend into the floor?

Help a girl out!!


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  2. Looks like it might be ceiling trim! I would go with black to match the door and also since it's going to have some foot traffic you might not see any scratches or ware as much. Looks really nice though!!! Love the idea of the trim there!

  3. I agree with Country Chic, match the door trim. Nice work!

  4. I came to say the same thing: paint it black! The trim around your door/the door itself and the railings are all dark and the trim will feel very much more "at home" if you camouflage it ;)

  5. I like it when you guys all agree :)

  6. I vote black too! You can get the mini pots of Behr at HD for about $5 I think :)

  7. I vote black, too!

    You balcony looks great =) I may have missed this but do you still have those succulents? Those were really cute.

    1. yup! havent killed them yet. The top photo was an old one (it was raining when I took the trim ones)


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