Friday, June 1, 2012

Blast from the Past

I am taking care of a sick friend, so I am not home and therefore unable to tackle any projects for today's post (don't worry! I have lots of fun stuff in the works!) so I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and share some previous spaces of mine.

1. My bedroom as a teenager

Oh my, sorry Robynne and Steph, but now you are internet famous!! My room as a teenager was the only time I have confidently picked a wall colour- we colour matched to the bedspread (which matches the curtains!). My mom also took me to buy "real" art, like the two pieces above my bed. The art prints taped on the walls were souvenirs from my trip to Europe when I was 17! I also had a great headboard, which is missing here, but you will see later. Because we had a pool, we had towel bars IN our rooms- so handy for after a dip! Overall, I loved the way this room turned out, but I think I could have improved on wall art.

2. My other bedroom as a teenager

The best part of having divorced parents? You get to decorate two rooms! Now, the room at my dad's was a totally 180 from my moms- this is where my hoarding tendencies came out. Can you see why it is amazing my current place is clean? Yikes! This place was bursting at the seams, but it was full of things that I loved and that expressed who I am- and I like that in a room. I loved loved loved that bedspread and I loved all the Japanese that I painted on the window frame. My dad sure was an understanding guy when it came to decorating my room.

3. My room in 3rd-4th year university

My closet organization started early! My dad got me this great closet organizer because my room was so tiny and I needed to maximize this space. I never closed the closet doors, so I hung some beads from them to make the room more fun and I put a sticker saying "Breathe" over the closet. We weren't allowed to paint, so you do what you can! This is also the headboard that was supposed to be at my mom's house in the earlier photo. It didn't go with my furniture...hahaha. I definitely failed at the small furniture for small rooms rule, but I sure did maximize the use of that giant desk!

4. My first real apartment

My friend Gin and I moved in together about a year after graduation. We had NO money for decor, so we did our best. Our living room had a red theme and we painted that red accent wall when we moved in! My brother also helped us wall mount our giant tv (bought on sale for 50% off at Canadian Tire!), which made us feel pretty grown up. I somehow deleted the original shot of my room when selling my curtains, but you can see the kind of exotic look I was going for. The paint colour was ALL wrong, though! Oh, and at one point our curtain rods were straight- damn kittens! We also had this amazinnnnng storage closet which we turned into a giant shoe closet. Those shelves were all full and you can see how we had more shelves going even higher up the wall! I sure do miss that shoe closet.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the decor of my past...sorry to all my friends (and cats) being unwittingly posted on the internet. Mwahahaha. Happy weekend!!

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