Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Need Your Help!

Oh friends and random internet peoples, I am in a conundrum. I cannot make up my mind on what to do in my front hall AND living room!

Let's start with the front hall. Right now it looks like this:

All nice and neat and pretty, right? Well here is the problem:

Whenever I open the doors, I have to move everything! These doors are 30" long and they take up SO much room when I need to get into the laundry or front hall closet. So I think I need new doors! Here is where I get stuck- what style should I get?

My dad thinks bi-fold doors would be nice. I think sliding doors. Are sliding doors passe? My only concern with bi-fold is that I would still need a foot of clearance to open them. Also, I don't need to open both the front hall and laundry at I don't know. Also, with sliding I would need to install tracks along the bottom, which isn't entirely desirable. So please- give me some opinions!! And also help me with some finishing options for the choice you like.

Second concern:

That curtain! Originally the idea was to visually divide the bedroom from the living room, without blocking light. Now I am getting tired of it. Is it time to remove it? I wonder if there is another idea to visually divide the room. I am not keen on a big piece of furniture because it will block the light. And possibly make the room seem smaller.


Lastly, this is one thing I am NOT indecisive about.
This is the Ikea Raskog Kitchen Cart. It is $70 and comes in turquoise and grey. I am just in love with this little cart!!! Here is where I think it could work in any home:

Kitchen: Small rolling pantry, or a beverage cart

Dining room: Beverage cart, wine stand, replacement for a sideboard, if you have no space

Living room: small bookshelf, kids toy/book storage

Bedroom: Bedside table for those prone to knocking things over

Bathroom: Storage for toilet paper, toiletries, hair straighteners/driers

Patio/Garden: garden tool storage, plant stand, small garden stand for a balcony (for herbs or something)

Regardless of where you put it, I think it is just too cute with it's little wheels and it's fun colour! I hope one magically appears in my condo this weekend. I have plans for this bad boy. What would you use it for?


  1. Sliding doors dont require a floor track. Just a small plastic piece in the centre. I think an open bookcase made of open cube would let light in and also provide additional storage/display space.

    1. really? I havent seen a sliding door beyond what I grew up with circa 1970s

  2. I like the book case idea but I would suggest a see through narrow one that wouldn't even extend halfway out to the bed. You wouldn't loose light (assuming you keep it mostly open) and it would divide it up. But ultimately anything you put there will be too big. Personally and tacky I would throw up some 90's beads at the foot of the bed that dangle and make fun sounds when you walk by. Kitchy? Hells yes. But awesome all the same!

    For front hall: personally I would do the curtain technique: get some nice heavy fabric, take the doors off, throw up some rods/tracks and keep it that way. Would be a bummer for the laundry room if it heats up a lot but anything but a door will let the heat escape. It could also give you an opportunity to decorate the are while making it more functional. I know you love fabrics.

    1. naw, I think doors are better for resale. Plus, The laundry machine is loud and I can definitely tell when I have left the door open! So something solid is a must

  3. Here's another thought! What about adding in a stud at the end of the wall separating the closet from the laundry and putting in two new sets of doors, so it looks like you have two closets - which you essentially do!The doors would each be half the size of what you have now, which wouldn't solve your problem completely, but would be a start.

    Sliding doors aren't passe if you decide to go that route. Perfectly legit. But personally? I'm not a fan, either of how they look or how they function. If you are, go for it, but I think you have other options.

    As for the bedroom, I think one of the previous commenters had a great idea. An open bookshelf (such as Ikea's ektorp) will allow light in still, but break up the room a little more solidly than your curtain. Though... I kind of like the curtain!

    1. I don't know if that would make the doors short enough to be worth the trouble.

      And I have considered the ektorp, but I worry my living room feels to cramped with a big piece of furniture there

  4. I'm honestly stumped about the closet doors, because the back of those things is added square footage. If you could do pocket doors that would be amazing, but I know you can't :( I would say keep as is because anything else is going to depreciate the square foot value.
    As for the bed area! Put up a hanging canvas that you can roll up on a blind roller when you want more light. Then when you have company at night the space is divided, and you're displaying art!

    Vee :)

    1. Canvas is a neat idea where to get something like that!

      As for the doors, on the back I only have my grocery bags and a mirror. I could move those someplace else.

      I agree on pocket doors!!!!!!!!!! but I am lacking walls on either side :P

    2. The canvas would have to be made. But you're so DIY savy :) Maybe see if there's a roller blind that you could attach a painted (by you!) canvas.

  5. Wow Casey, you have lots of creative friends! Way better ideas than I could come up with other than....time to move to a bigger condo!? hahhaa xo Sheila

  6. Writing from bumpy bus to boston.i wanr new doors too.lets shop when im back

  7. Hey!

    So Johnny and I totally did the doors thing this winter for his front hall closet before he sold his condo. Shopping for closet doors in Toronto in a word.... SUCKS. Home depot was absolutely terrible for selection and had terrible service (one guy was very unhelpful and kept blowing us off... we went to a different person and they just directed us back to him! Arg!) In the end we found that RONA was the best place. Really good service and the custom doors we got were even MADE IN CANADA!

    SO we looked in various styles but also found that bi-fold take a lot of room. We went with sliding doors. They weren't that difficult to install either. You attach a track on the top, then stomp one on the floor, and do some finagling to spring the doors into the tracks then push a lever to lock into place. I think it took two of us less than an hour... See 3 pictures here:

    I actually think that your layout: washer/dryer on one side and closet on the other, is the best scenario I've ever heard of for sliding doors. Like do you really foresee needing access to the laundry at exact time that you are pulling your winter coat out of the closet?

    Let me know if you have any questions... you know where to find me. ;) xo SC

    1. Thanks Cuddy!!! I pinned a similar style! I went to HD this weekend and it WAS terrible selection for sliding doors. These are amazing and looks great!

  8. I'm a little late with this, but I replaced all the doors in my condo and I just used regular doors on my hall closets put on a sliding rail that hangs from the top (just a small guide piece needed on the floor).

    I got the doors and the rail from the Discount Door Store at They were scratch and dents with really minimal damage that were less than half the price of equivalent doors at other stores. They were similar to the interior shaker style doors currently showing on the website.


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