Thursday, August 29, 2013

My New Camera! (and a frustrating customer service experience)

So about a year and a half ago we were having a family dinner and taking pictures of my adorable niece when my camera suffered an unfortunate gravitational accident (it got dropped on a plate). The camera still worked, but there was a thin line across the screen. No biggie, I kept on using it.

Well apparently my camera got a little tired of all the use this weekend. At my friend's wedding this month the bottom half of the screen started turning black. Then, after a couple trips in the beach bag last weekend, it looked like this:

I mean, technically the camera still works. But when I am in Jamaica I kind of want to double check that I look super hot in my bikini in every photo (that's normal, right?), so I would like to be able to review my photos! I debated getting it repaired, but there is no way I can get that done in time for my trip and point-and-shoots have come down a lot in price so it is probably a better move to invest my moola in a newer camera.

Therefore, in addition to the many small errands I needed to run this week, I added in "buy a new camera ASAP"! I did a bunch of research online, but I ended up not going with any of the cameras I looked at. Originally I wanted an ultracompact camera, like my last (FYI it was a Canon Powershot SD1400 IS and I had been super happy with it), and I even wanted to get a Canon again since I liked my old one. But alas, the price gods did not align with that plan :)

I ended up getting a Sony Cybershot DSC W730! It is a sexy indigo-blue colour

It is actually only a tiny bit bigger than my old camera, which is why I threw out my "ultra compact" criterion. The only other thing I really focused on was upping my specs from the last one- this camera has more megapixels and a better zoom!

FYI- if you are camera shopping, I found to be an amazing resource. You can compare cameras' specs side by side! See link here for my old camera vs my new one.

Now, for my customer service story. Ugh

I did a bit of research online as to where to shop for my camera and Best Buy seemed to be my best option for having a lot of selection to look at in person. Yesterday I had a lot of errands to run so I tacked on a visit to their Yonge and Dundas location. I arrived around 7pm and I was hungry and tired, but determined to get this darn camera purchase over and done with! I go to the camera section and look around at all the options and after about 10 minutes I am stuck between the Sony Cybershot 710 and 730. There only seems to be one sales associate in the area and he is helping another family (the section was NOT busy), so I decide to wait and I stand around the camera section

20 minutes later he is STILL helping them and I am getting impatient. I see him and what appears to be his manager getting a camera out of a case for the customer so I go over and ask if someone can come help me. The maybe-manager says the guy will help me when he is done with his current customer. No problem- they are probably almost done and now he knows I am waiting.

So I am waiting, and waiting, and then I see him come back from finishing with that customer and HE HAS A NEW CUSTOMER! He has started helping this guy who came AFTER me! I am fuming at this point because I am tired and hungry and, frankly, PMSing. Note to customer service people: If you are engaged to help a customer, tell someone who asks for help to please wait or find someone else to help them. I was seriously a sold deal at this point. I knew what camera I wanted after googling on my phone (the 730) and all I needed was someone to get me one out of the case.

I started texting my friend to keep from bursting into tears (frustration + PMS = tears for Casey). She asks me why I don't just go to Future Shop! Oh my goodness- I had completely forgotten that there was a Future Shop nearby! The FS is on the second story of a building so it just isn't prominent in my mind. I asked her if they had my camera in stock for the same price (however, Future Shop does price match with 10% off). She confirmed online that they did so I headed out of Best Buy. I was seriously there for about 30+ minutes! Waiting for someone to help me!

I arrive at Future Shop and someone helps me within 5 minutes (in fact, he was already helping someone and politely asked me to wait a few minutes, which I did). He quickly gets me my camera, answers all questions, and checks me out right there on his neato handheld checker-outer-thingy (technical term). Shazzam- in and out with a new camera in 10 minutes flat!

I have actually run into that issue with customer service at Best Buy before when I got my laptop. My friend who directed me to Future Shop also has had this issue at Best Buy. They seriously need to improve in that area and find a better way to help customers. I find no one there asks you if you need help; you basically have to pounce on any blue shirt you can find! I can't imagine shy people can shop there! From now on, I am going to remember that Future Shop and make a point to do all my business there.

I was happy to get my camera and I can't wait to test it out! I want to take shots with both my old one and new one and compare.

Have you ever experienced that at your Best Buy? I usually only shop at this location so I can't speak for others!


  1. Ugh, I HATE Best Buy. I had such a terrible experience buying my laptop there that I vowed never to go back. in fact, they gave me a gift card after I wrote to complain, and I gave the gift card away because I REFUSE to shop there ever again!

    1. This is all I keep hearing about them! I tweeted my frustrations to them and got no response either

  2. Man, your camera was seriously messed up!

  3. I cannot stand Best Buy. It's so hard to find anyone to help me! I seriously have to hunt someone down.

    Customer service is a HUGE deal for me. As soon as I feel mistreated, I just want to leave. It doesn't matter how badly I want something or how long I've waited- I'm out of there.

  4. Future Shop for the WIN! Because they are Canadian. I have heard about Best Buy and their lack of customer service though, so I haven't gotten any major purposes from there.

  5. Best buy owns future shop. it seems you guys don't know this


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