Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Paint is on the Walls!

I know what you are thinking...Casey was quiet all weekend and all Monday so she must have painted her bathroom and is here today for the BIG REVEAL!

Except there is no big reveal. Because I am a lazy Casey and I decided to enjoy my weekend. :) I went out for dinner and did some shopping on Friday. Then Saturday I went to the St. Lawrence farmers market and got me some peaches and followed that up by picking up my bike (finally!) from the repair shop and Canadian Tire and while there got some paint samples. Then I ran 5 miles and headed out to Ajax to watch my adorable niece (she went to bed right after I got there, I watched Sharnado and ate my brother's food. Best babysitting gig ever). Sunday I went to a baby shower for my cousin!!

So yes, back to bathroom. As you can see from my weekend synopsis, I did not put paint any walls. But on Monday I did!!

Can you guess what the winning colour was?

TEAL! Ya, it kind of won by a landslide. I still do love that coral, however, so I may one day go buy a sample of it too so I can paint something else with it :).

So yes, back to paint. I picked Lake Simcoe (the one on the lower left in the photo above) because I never stopped loving it. Then I worried a bit about how dark it was, so I got the next lighter one on the swatch (Night Tides).

I really planned to prime the whole bathroom before painting and swatches. But that involved carrying a quart of primer in my backpack on my bike (lame) and taking down my medicine cabinet and filling holes (double lame). So I got lazy and just painted over the existing wall colour- it is in the same family of blues at least, right? I will prime over everything when I get around to painting because I think a dark colour needs a white base to pop. Or I'll buy paint and primer in one. Who knows ;)

Onto the swatches!

I did my best to colour balance this, but I think they are a little more teal in person. Plus I bet I will read this post on my Mac at work and the colours will look 100% different too. Oh well. The result of this swatch test- I still love Lake Simcoe! Night Tides is probably the brighest teal ever and I am not in the mood for NEONHAPPYBATHROOM!!!!. I want deep and luxurious colour (which, is of course, the CIL "group" this paint chip was located in). Lake Simcoe is the winner!

Now all I have to do is paint the rest bathroom!!

Usually I would paint a bathroom on a weekend...but I am fully booked until October. Oh my. So I will be probably living with these patchwork walls for longer than is acceptable on a public blog. Also on my to-do list is a new medicine cabinet (picked out!) and some shelving (not picked out!), then accessories! I started this bathroom redo almost exactly a year ago (see here if you want to laugh about how ambitious I was), so this is probably the longest makeover in the history of bathrooms. I can't wait to finish!!


  1. Atleast you haven't had the paint in the basement for a year with a gross mudded wall. Finally the closet and the bad wall is done. Only three more to go!!!
    Tammy & Maddy

    1. Maddy! Did you help mommy write this? haha

      Tell Luke to hurry up and finish so he can come paint my bathroom!

  2. Glad to hear you are going with Lake Simcoe because I really like it!! lol I've been wanting to paint my powder room a "deep and luxurious colour" as well but I'm kinda scared because most of the walls in my house are white and I love how bright and airy it feels.

    1. Yes, my whole condo is pretty bright and airy too! thats why its kind of fun to take a risk in a small room, like a bathroom!

  3. You could always paint it during the week - tape one night, prime, and then do one coat a night, and it will be done before the weekend and you can enjoy your weekend and a pretty bathroom all at the same time :)

  4. Oh it's true, colours look so different on my Mac than on my work PC.
    But I love that colour! That is going to be one sexy bathroom when you're done.


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