Friday, December 27, 2013

A Christmas for the Memory Books

It is funny how just last week I wrote about Christmas traditions in my family and how things are changing, and this year threw in quite a wrench that NONE of us expected! Namely, a giant ice storm that struck the area on Saturday night. On Sunday I was lucky enough to have power, but I did lose internet and cable (including phone internet) and I felt very disconnected. Unfortunately my dad fared a lot worse...

That branch is thicker than me!
Poor Santa...
Thankfully my dad is a cautious man and the night before he had the foresight to not park under the tree and parked at the neighbours! The backyard tree was even worse and the are some GIANT branches down there. Thankfully no damage to his home, but his power was out until Boxing Day!

Anyway, back to my Christmas story. I packed up all my gifts on Monday night and asked my mom if she could come pick me up on Tuesday because I totally overbought :).

Then on Christmas Eve I did follow one tradition and made my annual trip to church for the Christmas Eve service. On Christmas Eve my mom and stepdad light a fire and we open gifts, which was nice, but also made me very sad to think of all those cold dark houses in my dad's neighbourhood (FYI- my dad had given up on his cold house and had gone to my brother's and my mom and stepdad had invited a some powerless people over but people seemed to want to stay home!).

Funny "traditions" story- about 10 years ago I wrapped the lid and base of a porcelain doll box for someone's Christmas present. My mom tends to save boxes in the basement, so the box got reused the next year for my gift. Now it has become tradition to always wrap my gift in it! This year she managed to cram a book in it :)

Also a "tradition" is this Simpsons Department Store box, which used to get passed around my entire family each year and the person who got it had to make sure to regift it the next year. According to my internet research, this box must be at least 22 years old!

Christmas morning we relaxed with mimosas and french toast, and around 11am my mom dropped me off at my brother's house for Christmas with his family and my dad- sure was weird not to go to my dad's house but we all agreed that a cold, dark house wasn't very fun. It was really cute- my sister in law and I sat upstairs watching Dora with my niece while my brother and dad set out all my dad's and mine gifts. She sure was surprised to come down the stairs and find more gifts!!

After gifts we said goodbye to the bro and family (who had other dinner plans) and my dad and I drove up to Barrie to visit my grandma and then join the family for Christmas dinner at my aunt's. I didn't take many photos (too busy eating my turkey!), but I did get a shot of this little cutie celebrating his first Christmas!

After dinner we drove back to Pickering and checked on the house, since the power company didn't list our street on the no-power list (spoiler alert- they lied). We usually do a Christmas lights tour on Christmas night, but obviously our neighbourhood was pretty depressing for that so we drove over to a nearby 'hood where they always go overboard. Even though it was late they still had everything going and it didn't disappoint!

My dad dropped me off at my mom's and he went back to my brother's house for the night. Boxing Day I mostly relaxed but my mom and stepdad and I did walk to a pub for lunch. It was SUCH a nice day- so sunny and the world was sparkling. Hard to imagine that this weather can be so destructive, but so beautiful.

And in other good news that day- my dad got his power back!!!! It was sad that it wasn't done in time for Christmas, but we are so grateful for those power crews who worked all through the holidays. Some people still don't have power and my fingers are crossed that they will be back soon too.

Boxing Day evening was another turkey dinner with my other side of the family! Lots of fun catching up with everyone and eating more turkey :) After dinner my parent's were kind enough to give me a ride home so I am back in the condo now!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!! (or, if you don't celebrate Christmas, a nice 2 days off haha)


  1. OMG we reuse an old Simpsons box too! Funny.

    1. I have the other Simpson's box...!! The Reitman's box disappeared a few years ago. I think Dad threw it out by mistake. Stay tuned to see mine next year! It's the white and silver one:) Was great to see you Christmas Eve AND Boxing Day! xo Sheila

  2. So sorry your dad was without power for the holiday. I bet he's glad to have it back on. Wishing you a Happy New Year!


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