Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Eyebrows!

I lost my eyebrows when I was around 15 and for the next two years I awkwardly drew them on with pencil which never lasted all day and was basically terrible. When I was 17 my mom found these fake eyebrow tattoos (like the kind of tattoos kids put on with water) and my life changed forever. For the first time I felt like my face finally looked more normal and my confidence grew!

I wore those fake eyebrows for 10 full years, but after my recent failed Alopecia treatment I started looking into getting them permanently tattooed. But in looking for recommendations on the Alopecia support group website, I ended up coming across these fake eyebrows that are made with HAIR- kind of like fake eyelashes, but in eyebrow form. I was intrigued and a few weeks later I bit the bullet and whipped out my credit card to spend $50 on freaking eyebrows from headcovers.com.

It took about 2 weeks for them to come and when they got here the glue that I bought to use on them was completely dried up. It was really upset, but the company is sending me another tube so they are good in my books :). Oh and it looks silly now to be so upset over glue, but this change to new eyebrows really upset me for a couple of days. I think I am pretty protective about my alopecia regime and changing my looks was a little shocking to me. I am just using eyelash glue right now.

Anywho, I have been wearing them for about a week now and I really like them! I struggled for a bit with the fact that I could tell they were fake, but then I realized that my old tattoo eyebrows weren't fooling anyone. haha so I got over it fast! A lot of people online said that they wear their eyebrows for a week straight, but I find I need to take them off nightly. They don't stay completely glued down all day (not a big deal, I just patch them with a bit of glue) so by the end of the day they have a bit too much glue so I take them off and clean them.

What I am REALLY enjoying is the freedom of touching my forehead again. The tattoo ones rubbed off pretty easily so I was always afraid to scratch my forehead or have anyone touch my face. Now I am much more comfortable since these don't come off that easily!!

That is a lot of talking though- let's just get to the befores and afters.

You know what is really weird....this is the same wig. Holy moly has it ever lightened over the past 3 years. I mean, the lighting accounts for a bit of it...but still!!!! And I have never gotten my bangs to sit as nicely as the stylist first did them.

Some more "befores" (it is really hard to find photos of my eyebrows. haha)

and more afters!

Also, doing photoshoots of one's self is really awkward. I had to skip over like 50 shots like this:


If you are interested in fake eyebrows, I got the Headcovers #15 in dark brown and I am currently using DUO glue in white/clear (available at Shoppers or Sephora). I do find a corner or a mid section will detach if I furrow my brow or sneeze, but actually isn't very noticeable and you can stick it down again with a tiny dab of glue. As for my eyelashes, I just wear drug store ones in the "natural" length.


  1. They do look great, good for you!

    I can't stand taking photos of myself, so I always end up making faces too. :)

  2. I will second everyone else here, they do look amazing! Both your hair and your brows look so natural. I think even your old eyebrows would have fooled me though, they look great too. I wonder if the glue that is meant for them will help them stick better than the eyelash glue?

  3. My reaction between the before and after was "Oh, wow!" You look great!

  4. Thanks everyone! And Lindsey, probably not. a lot of people on the forums said they use Duo and prefer it to the other glue. I think they are probably similar!

  5. I think your new eyebrows look fab!! And I wouldn't worry about them looking fake... it was only in the REALLY close up pics you could tell. They look au naturale! Great find Casey! :D

  6. I think you should show the pictures of your eyebrows from:
    1) When you were about 6, with platinum blonde hair and black eyebrows
    2) When you were 15 and you drew them on with a pencil, very badly

  7. Wow! They look amazing!

    I agree with Sloan- only in the super up close pics could I tell that they may not be real. But they match you perfectly! Love!

  8. I haven't been on here in a while, so I've got some post-reading catch up to do, but I had to stop and let you know I love your new eyebrows! They look great and you look beautiful! I have my natural eyebrows, but they are such a light blond color they aren't really noticeable. I've tried all sorts of powders and pencils and dyes, so I can understand a little the struggle of Brook Shields :)

  9. I think they look great. I wear them also but switch back to the tattoo brows if I am going to the beach or swimming so I don't ruin my "nice brows." I am unable to wear the glue from headcovers (it causes ulcerations of my skin) but I use regular lace wig glue and it works great. You look beautiful!


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