Friday, December 6, 2013

iPhone High-5!

Guess what people!

I have left the world of the blackberry and moved over to an iPhone 5! I am sooo excited! See, my work pays for my cell phone, which is really awesome but I was kind of stuck with the Blackberry Bold they originally bought me. The problem was the phone kept on freezing, which drained the battery and made me an angry Casey. Not to mention it refused to sync my work calendar, which is pretty important.

I wanted to get an iPhone since we work on Macs and iPads in the office, so it would be nice to have everything sync nicely between devices. However the new iPhone 5s was really expensive so I felt a little guilty asking for one and then having the nicest phone in the office. But then I came up with the plan to upgrade my boss' phone to the iPhone 5s (using some upgrade credits we had), and I took his old iPhone 5! It is only a year old so it is in great condition and he told me he loves his new phone so everyone is happy.

But you know what the most exciting part of getting an iPhone is?

I can play Boggle on my way to work!!!!

Haha no....I now have Instagraaaaam!! Please follow me here:

Be careful if you click over there, though, because the only photo is this one of some shortbread cookies I made last night. They turned out a little dry (boo), but they look positively delicious. I am convinced icing fixes all baking sins.

The camera on this phone makes my old one look like an 8 bit video game

I also need to go buy all the cute cases I have been crushing on for years now.

Please let me know what your favourite apps are (well, besides Boggle).


  1. OO! :) Welcome to the wonderful world of iPhone! ;) Here's a few of my favourite apps:
    Candy Crush (for obvious reasons)
    Tweetbot (default Twitter app is pretty ok too)
    PC Financial (banking on iPhone is dope)

    I'm sure I'll think of more.. :)

    1. Ive always heard that Candy Crush is dangerous....

  2. Those look like my Nana's cookies! Love love.

    And welcome to the world of iPhone. It is a good time. I can't believe you were still using a blackberry. Oh and if you like Boggle, try Wordlands. Trust me.

    You better believe I'll be following/stalking you on Instagram.

    1. I shall try it! I better get a backup battery pack....

      and I bet your Nana's cookies are better. These ones disappointed me. Maybe I just prefer sugar cookies to shortbread

  3. Yes! Welcome to the dark side :). Also, I'll be right over to indulge in those amazing cookies with you! Don't worry about them being dry, more icing, and a glass of milk = instant fix!

  4. Yay! Congrats on the iPhone! Following you on Instagram now. :)

    Mmm... cookies.

  5. Ooooh, welcome to the new world ;)


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