Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Mardi Gras Christmas Tree Reveal

I often get asked "Casey, what makes you so awesome?". Well people, it is not in what you say, but what you do. Last week I said I was going to make a Mardi Gras themed Christmas tree and gosh darn it that is what I did!

I tried to find examples of a Mardi Gras themed tree on Pinterest and Google, but all I found were a couple of trees with masks on them. Not really my thing. I knew once I picked up those peacock themed ornaments that I wanted to allude to Mardi Gras with feathers, birds, and bright colours!

I had been to a few big box stores like Loblaws and Home Depot to try and find decorations, but I only found traditional colours and themes. But then I hit the jackpot at Walmart! They had so many perfect decorations that I actually had to put some BACK. I  had some ideas for my theme if decorations couldn't be found, like making my own with paint or colourful feathers in clear ornaments. But I never even found clear ornaments. So you know what, I didn't DIY my tree (bad blogger) but I did build a tree that I love and that will hopefully last me many years!

I present to you, my awesome tree.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what I have under my tree, since Santa doesn't come to my condo, it is Myrtle the Turtle! She is enjoying napping on my throw blanket from Chapters.


  1. Oh, goodness, I hardly like thinking about Christmas in December! Definitely not my favourite holiday and I'll wait to decorate until Dec. 1st itself! However, I absolutely love the theme you went with and the ornaments. Especially that dangly peacock feathery thing. So pretty!

    1. Oh I love Christmas like no ones business. I am definitely my father's daughter!

  2. Love the tree! You did a fabulous job with all the colours and sticking to your theme. I love how awesome you are. :P


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