Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blog Podium 2013

I signed up for my very first blogger conference this week! I have never gone to one, but I have always been interested in going! There were some going on when I first started blogging, but I felt my blog was too new and too unrefined to show off to bloggers at these types of conferences. However, in the past year I have really gotten to know so many bloggers through social media that I am truly excited to go and network and meet new blogs and show new people mine. Plus, a few the Torontonian bloggers that I follow are going to be there so I finally get to put a face to the name!!

Blog Podium 2012
The blog conference is called Blog Podium and it is a day-long event held in September. I am hoping that in addition to networking and making new friends I will also learn a bit more about running this crazy little blog. Maybe even learn how to get some company to sponsor it and give me money :). The only reason I held back from signing up right away was the cost- I found the price to be quite high and I was worried about "getting my monies worth". Especially since I am a single income household! Someone needs to pay the bills and buy the expensive greek yogurt I eat by the bucket. haha. But I think my giving up pop will more than pay for the cost of this conference by the fall!

Are you coming to Blog Podium? Because you should! I will personally give you a giant hug if I see you there!!


  1. You will love it, I promise! I decided not to go this year because of the cost, but I know I'm going to second guess my decision for the next few months. Last year was so good!

  2. Oh my goodness that looks like such a cool event! I would so totally love to go to it but I don't think I can justify the price. Maybe next year...

    But have fun and I expect a full report on it afterwards. :D


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