Friday, May 3, 2013

The Bathroom Reno is ON!

Remember that bathroom reno I kept referencing every once and awhile since, you know...last August? Well it is finally ON! Like, for real. Want to know how I know?

I bought this last night:

Yup, I bought me that beautiful white vanity top with the slanted basin. Oh, it is so sexy I could just DIE. The brand is Mr. Marble and they were my number one pick because I needed a custom width to match my custom vanity base. The visa may have exploded when I charged this sucker, but then my tax return came today so woohoo- government is funding this reno party (Plus my dad, who gave me a $25 gift card for Home Depot for Easter)!! I have also long since scaled back my plans since that original bathroom post in August. Right now, I plan on the new vanity top, more vibrant paint colour, and some shelves/new medicine cabinet. And a new faucet, maybe!

For the faucet hole, I chose to do a single hole because I like the modern look of single hole faucets. I just haven't found one I liked yet. Home depot selection sucked (in my opinion).

Anyway, I think the new vanity top will come in in about 3 weeks and then all I have to do is figure out how to pick it up and then how to install it. Eep. haha


  1. Casey, can't wait to see your renos and how it's going. I love the marble top too!

  2. Can't wait to see your new bathroom! I was so glad when I finally got to ditch my robin egg blue sink and tub last year LOL

  3. YAY! Sexy is the perfect word for it!

    For your faucet - try Taps! We hated HD's selection for our kitchen (though we went with one for our bathroom. I think we were less picky about our bathroom than we were for our kitchen...) so branched out to find something different. Taps has incredible selection. It is pricier, but if it's important to you, so worth it!


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