Friday, October 18, 2013

New Artwork!

You may have noticed something new in yesterday's post.

Look over by the plant...

It is the print I liked from Katie Daisy at The Wheatfield on Etsy! I just framed it in the standard Ribba frame from Ikea that we all love. However, the off-white matting was a huge no-no with the bright, modern colours in the print so I painted it!

I originally debated between soft turquoise and navy, but the boldness of navy won out!

Now I  know what you are thinking- Casey, you were choosing prints for the bathroom! I know, I know, but I didn't like this print in there. I much prefer getting to stare at it while I am on the computer. However, the bathroom was not neglected!

Oh yes, I got the Great Lakes print! It looks awesome in the bathroom (which remember, the paint colour was named after a lake!).

As for other new little bits around the condo, I added in this awesome cable knit candle from Urban Barn on my TV stand. I got it at Blog Podium and it fits in great with the warm, fall theme that the table has been rocking.

Last, but certainly not least, is my souvenir from Jamaica! I usually don't buy myself anything, since I get memories and pictures to bring home with me, but this one store had a small collection of beautifully hand painted eggs that I just fell in love with. They were all gorgeous, but this black one won my heart.

And how does one display a handpainted egg? Why- in a tea light candle holder! I got this little crystal beauty from when I went to the Princess Margaret Lottery House. It is from the Gluckstein Home Decor Line.


  1. I love that Great Lakes print! What a cool idea.

  2. Awesome print choices and I love the navy mat color


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