Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Towel Bar and Hand Towel Ring!

I feel like I have rejoined the world of the living- the world where your towels are not hung on the back of your door and your hand towel is not hanging from a handle. This is a classy condo now, people.

Isn't it funny how 2 hours of work ends up being the simplest post? This is not that exciting to YOU, but to me this was a long time coming and a lot more work than it seems! See, the towel bar was 24" long, but I did not have 24" to work with. So I took it apart and used a mini hacksaw to saw off about 4-5" inches of the bar!! My hand is HURTING, but I didn't have a better option and I wanted this up!! And then it still ended up being a touch too long (hacksawing ain't an accurate art), so I had to do it all over again! But it fits now and looks amazing!!

I thought the hand towel ring would be easier- no hacksawing needed. But for some reason I really struggled with the install. One of the anchors didn't anchor properly and it refused to sit level. Oh and my drill died. Thankfully, at least, the bathroom walls are not cement like my other walls!  Well, it is up now and hopefully will not fall off any time soon :)

Pet Peeve time- I hate when I go to someone's house and there is no hand towel. Sometimes there is a towel or two hung on the towel bar, but I don't know if they are for people's hands or if someone toweled off their naked body with it! People- get hand towels. Guests will appreciate it.

For the record, the towel bar and ring are from Ridgefield Home, which is a HomeSense (HomeGoods too!) house brand. HomeSense did sell 18" length bars in a different style, but I found that TOO narrow (wanted to maximize the space) and I liked the chrome finish on this one more. The towel bar was $20 and the ring was $13. Not a lot of money to spend on some MUCH needed things for this bathroom makeover! I can't believe is has been over a YEAR since I removed my old towel bar!

I used to be dealing with this situation for towels:
Oy Vey
All I have left to do now is buy the shelves for the clean towels and pick something to go on the wall above the towel bar. I have picked out the shelves I want at Lowes, but I have to take 2 buses to get to Lowes and it is cold and dark and blah and I don't want to. :) The joys of choosing not to buy a car!!


  1. Love how nice they look! And I'm super impressed with your hack sawing skills. :D

    And I'm totally with you on that pet peeve. It's just gross and I usually end up drying my hands on my jeans, just to be safe. I always have a hand towel in all my bathrooms, it's just the better way.

    1. I was worried "I" might be the crazy one- glad u agree!

  2. It's looking great in there!

  3. Wow I am also impressed with your hack sawing skills! Looks awesome!! :)

  4. Small addition, but such a great one! I am loving the bathroom. Agree on the hand-towel issue. I always have one too.

  5. Looks awesome!
    Have you considered car sharing? I think I'm going to sign up for Car2Go, although you can't haul too much in a smart car, but it has enough space for a regular grocery mission :)

    1. Yes I have, but I dont live near a zipcar lot or a car2go (green P) lot. So Id have to hike a bit or take transit to get the car :/


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